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Justice on the beat

Isaiah Justice, professionally known as Justice on the beat or Justice is a Los Angeles-based music producer, artist, song writer, photographer, videographer, and entertainer. Justice was born in Camden, New Jersey. Upon release from Cooper hospital, Justice and his mother lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From there Justice resided back and forth from Philadelphia and New Jersey until he made his final destination in Los Angeles, California.



Justice has 5 Associates Degrees from College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California. His degrees are Liberal Arts & Science General Education, Liberal Arts & Science Health Science Emphasis, Liberal Arts & Science Social and Behavioral Sciences, Sociology and Psychology AA-T which he obtained in 1 year of schooling. He is now transferred to a California State University for Psychology to obtain his Bachelor's Degree. Afterwards he plans to obtain his Masters in Psychology to become a Psychologist.


United States Marine Corps 

Justice served in the United States Marine Corps from (March 26, 2012-March 6, 2019).


Personal Life 

Justice father passed away (March 10, 2020) which you will hear him refer to his dad in his songs as "Mr.Tim". Timothy is his father's name and he wants his fans to know his father's name and how much he meant to him.